Planning a Clean Energy Project?

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Do you have an innovative idea for clean energy technology? Hough Capital is always searching for new projects to invest in. We look for clean energy investment opportunities in all sorts of industries, from agriculture and oil and gas to construction and transportation.

Call now to discuss your project with a clean energy investment manager based in Ewing Township, NJ serving Philadelphia, PA & the entire northeast.

Investing in a cleaner future

Investing in a cleaner future

Many of today's industries have a negative impact on the environment. Hough Capital is teaming up with clean energy companies across the Ewing Township, NJ & Philadelphia, PA area to combat the effects of these harmful operations.

The clean energy investment opportunities we're exploring include:

  • Infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Solar power
  • Wind towers

We're ready to do our part now so that future generations can enjoy the bounty of the earth. Contact us today to learn more about our investment interests.